Our Story

MedTravel Portal, we combine a team of experienced physicians who have been providing medical services for international clients for more than 10 years, and the Innovation Development Team.

Together, we formed a platform in which medical services know no border and become accessible for people around the world.

“Where your medical demands and medical services are connected.”

Our Services

MedTravel Portal is a platform where “medical services” and worldwide “medical demands” are connected.

On our platform, you will be provided with precise and excellent services from our healthcare experts as well as an extensive range of service options (packages) which you can customize to suit your needs, whether it be trip-related matters or the service rates.

Qualified Medical Personnel and Quality Services

Internationally Accredited Facilities

Sincere and Compassionate Facilation

Our Commitments

MedTravel Portal recognizes the considerable potential of medical tourism in Thailand. We also realize the challenge, fear and uneasiness of both healthcare providers treating foreign patients and patients traveling from their home to seek for treatment.

MedTravel Portal team strives towards excellence in our facilitation services full of sincerity and compassion to ensure smooth journey for the patients to receive treatment and services from the most suitable physicians and facilities in Thailand

MedTravel Portal helps to develop Thailand’s potential as the “World Medical Hub” with digital-oriented administration.